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Tragic Incidents Examined by JCC

The meeting of the Joint Control Commission (JCC) as of May 31 was full of polemics about the situation recorded at Vadul lui Voda checkpoint where a tragic incident was held at the beginning of the year. The Republic of Moldova delegation regrets the fact the Transnistrian representatives didn’t make all the required measures to avoid similar situations in future. Moreover, they carried out activities intending to destabilize the situation in the Security Area. Given this fact, our delegation submitted an appeal to the other JCC members related to this problem (see the appeal below).


To the Republic of Moldova JCC delegation referring to the measures of consolidation of confidence and stabilization of the situation at Checkpoint No.9 (left) of the Joint Peacekeeping Troops.

The decisions of the extraordinary sessions of the Joint Control Commission as of January 2 and 13, convened due to the traffic incident held January 1, 2012, at the Peacekeeping Checkpoint 9 (left), that caused harsh reaction of the population and public authorities from Dubasari district of the Republic of Moldova, improved the situation, calmed down the spirits of the population and insured the successful fulfillment of duties by Checkpoint 9 staff (left).

Despite the results achieved, the representatives of the peacekeeping military contingent of the Transnistrian region carried out a few unilateral actions aimed to changing the infrastructure of the checkpoint which violates the JCC decisions approved during the above meetings and caused people’s revolt, thus destabilizing the situation in the Security Area.

Intending to recover the situation compromised by the representatives of the Transnistrian military contingent, on May 17, JCC examine the case again and adopted a decision according to which the parties engaged in the operation were made in front of the Ukrainian representatives and the OSCE Mission to Moldova to keep back from committing unilateral actions at Centru Sector of the Security Area, especially at Checkpoint 9 (left) and avoid different bad approaches to what is happening in the checkpoint area.

Unfortunately, on May 25, a series of means of mass-media published a few statements and commentaries of the JCC Deputy Chairperson on behalf of the Transnistrian region, O. Beleacov, and other leaders of the force structures of the region, containing some groundless accusations to the Moldovan party and some wrong statements misinforming the population about the events happening at Checkpoint 9 (left).

The commentaries of some participants in the peacekeeping operation published by the media referring to some actions of consolidation of mutual confidence carried out in Odessa and that did not take place arouse doubts too.

The Republic of Moldova Delegation within JCC appreciates in this way the Transnistrian representatives actions of intended misinformation of the population considered little productive, subversive for the image of the Peacekeeping operation in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova.

To consolidate confidence among participants in the peacekeeping operation, stabilize the situation at Centru Sector of the Security Area, avoid in future misinterpretation of events and actions of parties, the Republic of Moldova JCC delegation suggests the following:

1. The JCC delegation will carry out unconditionally the decisions of the extraordinary meetings as of May 2 and 13, 2012, that insured so far the statutory system of carry out work duties and good living conditions of the staff of Checkpoint 9 (left).

2. To consolidate mutual confidence and improve the situation at Checkpoint 9 (left), the Republic of Moldova JCC delegation will be available to learn the logistics supply and the entire activity of Checkpoint 9 (left) and proposes the examination of this issue at the recent JCC meeting.

3. In future, the parties will keep back from publishing deeds and events that have not been examined during the JCC meetings and have not been appreciated accordingly, which means keeping back from actions that may be treated as propagandistic and informational confrontation phenomena.

If the above suggestions are accepted and carried out by the Joint Control Commission, the Moldova party assumes the responsibility to build the relations of the staff of Checkpoint 9 (left) with the local population and the public authorities so that they contribute to maintaining ans strengthening the authority of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces.

Source: Republic of Moldova JCC Delegation

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