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Graduation Exams Begin at Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy

CHISINAU, June 5, 2012 — The graduation exams started today at Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy. 108 graduate students will pass three tests, including two specialty-based and the fundamental sciences exam.

According to LTC Gheorghe Turcan, Education Deputy Commander, after passing the three tests, including both theoretical and practical assignments at Bulboaca Military Training Ground, the future officers will present their specialty-based graduation paper.

The quoted source also specified that, after the exams, the graduates of Alexandru cel Bun Academy will work in National Army units, Border Guard Service and Carabineer Troops according to their achievements throughout four years of study, the average mark of the graduation exams and military discipline.

The military students of Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy studied 5 specialties such as: infantry, communications, artillery, carabineers and border guards.

The graduation ceremony and the lieutenant rank award event of Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy will take place June 30, at 10 a.m., in Marii Adunari Nationale Square.

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