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Moldovan American Special Forces Training

CHISINAU, June 5, 2012 — A group of servicemembers of the US Army Special Forces and Fulger Special Operations Battalion of the National Army started in premiere a joint training exercise.

The program of the “Joint Combined Exercise Training 2012” exercise consists of special research trainings, battlefield operations planning, practicing methods of entering a building using explosive and improvised devices, as well as parachuting from the National Army aircrafts (with the MC-5 parachute systems).

“Everything we learn from our foreign mates is very useful for us, especially within theaters of operations. The US Army is experienced enough in this area to share their knowledge with us. We also hope that our American fellows will learn some battle training techniques from our servicemen too”, Maj. Radu Burduja, Commander of the Special Operations Battalion, stated.

Brian Kemp, leader of the US Army Special Forces Group, thanked the National Army military men for hospitality. Kemp pledged for a further strong cooperation between the Moldovan and American militaries by organizing different bilateral exercises, and the above training is a good proof of that.

Th “Joint Combined Exercise Training 2012” held June 1-21 is part of the Partnership for Peace Program.

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