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Moldovan Law Makers Review Airspace Defense Issue

CHISINAU, June 6, 2012 — The Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Defense and Public Order will support the reform of the national security and defense system implemented by the Ministry of Defense, including in term of the development of anti-aircraft defense capabilities, Alexandru Stoianoglo, Chairperson of the Committee, stated at a joint MP meeting held at the Air Operations Center of Dimitrie Cantemir Anti-Aircraft Missiles Regiment.

According to Alexandru Stoianoglo, the goal of the meeting was to familiarize the members of the parliamentary committee with the military reform and modernization processes, including the reform of the national airspace control system, the problems encountered and the middle and long-term development perspectives. “Today’s discussions were very constructive and extremely useful for us, for they gave us more details about the projects started by the Ministry of Defense in the defense reform area”, Stoianoglo said.

Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta pointed out the fact that by organizing such meetings, an effective cooperation relationship is established between the legislators and the military institution which stimulates the implementation of national defense and security reform projects. “As soon as the MPs understand the problems the anti-air defense system and the support of the Ministry’s of Defense initiatives in the Legislative Body, the modernization of this important sector will develop”, Vitalie Marinuta specified.

The participants in the meeting also discussed the National Army funding problems from all points of view, including the ones related to the military units modernization programs resource supply, modern equipment supply, social protection of the staff, and others.

The members of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Defense and Public Order were also informed about the research capabilities of the airspace, the anti-aircraft defense system, the command-control system activity, civil-military and international cooperation in a specialized area. The parties also made a review of the non-authorized flights to the Republic of Moldova airspace during 2006-2012, as well as measures taken to minimize and forclose such cases in future.

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