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Court of Accounts Report Discussed by the Ministry’s of Defense Military Council

CHISINAU, June 15, 2012 — “The report of the Court of Accounts on the audit of the 2011 budget exercise of the Ministry of Defense, some military units and other related institutions, proves that the resources allocated to the military institution were not fully and properly managed. Hence, decision-making factors in charge of this area should be more demanding on the issue”, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta stated June 15 during the meeting of the Ministry’s of Defense Military Council aimed at reviewing the Court of Accounts report and measures taken to remove the existing gaps.

According to the head of the Economical and Financial Division of the Ministry of Defense, Col. Vitalie Bucatari (Ret.), the audit team evaluated the development and the presentation of the financial statements in compliance with the legal norms, the legal use of the MoD’s public means, as well as the proper administration of the state patrimony. The auditors also analyzed the good governance activity through the adequate implementation of the financial and control management system, meant to insure the successful achievement of the entities’ goal through the efficiency of operations following the legislation in force and the integrity of liabilities and assets of the institution.

According to the report, the balance sheet and the financial statements of the Ministry’s of Defense central apparatus, as well as most military units and institutions provide a true-to-life and objective view of the financial and patrimony situation, for they are developed according to the general mandatory accountancy and financial statement rules in the public area. Yet, there were some gaps and weaknesses in making expenses, the balance sheet, as well as the public patrimony administration.

Thus, to remove the identified problems, as well as to improve the activity of the Central apparatus of the Ministry of Defense, Main Staff, commands, military units and institutions, the Military Council decided to develop a gap removal plan focusing on all the areas considered as challengeable by the report of the Court of Accounts and inform the leadership of the country about the measures made in this domain.

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