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JCC Members Arouse Concern

CHISINAU, June 15, 2012 — All the issues included in the daily agenda of the Joint Control Commission (JCC) meeting as of June 14 were postponed. The JCC members failed to examine the reports of the Joint Military Command. Moreover, they added one more for examination at the following meetings.

Some conflict discussions started regarding the military observers’ activity in the region, that should be independent in term of the incident documentation process. Unfortunately, the members of our delegation concluded that some observers hear and put down only what is convenient for them, thus violating their functional obligations. Some of them act according to their boss’ orders. Thus, the principle of impartiality is not respected by the military observers. They often make the conclusions before they reach the place for documentation. Therefore, many important issues of the Security Area cannot be fixed.

Moreover, if the Moldovan military observer noticed some problems during his route and insisted on documenting the incident, his proposal would be rejected by the senior military observer of the group. To get the approval for documentation, our observer must announce the command. Therefore, the trips for documentation are a few hours late and when they reach the destination, the incident is already cleared up. The members of our delegation warned about the fact that, in order to hold a successful peacekeeping operation, they have to make a research of all the cases and incidents recorded in the Security Area, and not only the ones some of the parties prefer.

As for the intention of some JCC members to encourage personnel reinforcement of checkpoints, the members of the delegation specified that this is done only in case of the threat of an attack. The JCC members on behalf of the Republic of Moldova authorities pointed out that someone is very interested to prove that there is a real threat in the Security Area or that Moldovan citizens hate peacekeepers. The members of our delegation also said that the intention of those trying to search for an unreal monster in the Republic of Moldova constitutional bodies is not good at all. The time has come for us to strengthen the measures of arousing confidence between both banks of the Dniester River and not look for the invisible enemy, the Republic of Moldova JCC members specified.

Another important issue the JCC members referred to was the Military Observers’ Guidelines approved through the JCC decision and the intention of Tiraspol to review this document for there is no original copy of this document. Our delegation specified the representatives of Tiraspol referred many times (whenever it suited them) to a document which they now consider as inexistent. Encouraging the position of our delegation, the OSCE representative within JCC revealed the idea military observers must go and make an investigation of an incident as soon as it happens, and not after they get the approval of all the parties.

The Ukrainian JCC member warned about the regular failure of military observers’ activity. What could they do if the military observers left for the destination only a few hours after the tragic incident had happened in Vadul lui Voda, when a person died. In some cases, when observers leave too late for minor incidents, they will definitely find more reasons to delay the operation.

Despite the arguments brought forward by other JCC members and representatives of international missions, the position of the Transnistrian delegation didn’t change and the existent guidelines is good for them. The members of the Moldovan delegation stated that the current guidelines have got gaps impeding the military observers’ activity, which is a convenient situation for Tiraspol.

At the end of the meeting, the OSCE mission gave the JCC members the invitation to take part in a training on improving negotiation skills. Our delegation informed JCC about the growth of the number of people engaged in maintaining public order in Vadul lui Voda in summer.

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