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Moldovan American Special Forces Exercise Is Over

CHISINAU, June 21, 2012 — “The Special Forces of the National Army and the ones of the United States of America proved much interoperability and cooperation recording very good results”, Brigadier Gen. Igor Cutie, Commander of the Land Force Command, stated during the closing ceremony of the “Joint Combined Exercise Training 2012” held at Moldova Brigade Training Ground in Balti.

According to Gen. Cutie, this kind of exercises enhance the professional development of the military men of the two armies and insures their interoperability as military structures engaged in a joint mission.

Brian Kemp, leader of the US Special Forces group, stated he could work along with the Moldovan service members in any mission, for they are good professionals and have a high constructive attitude in carrying out their duties.

“Our participation in such kind of activities gives us the possibility to improve our capabilities and carry out missions along with our American fellows, thus learning new combat readiness elements and terms from each other. This fact will be always useful for our further activity”, Maj. Radu Burduja, Commander of Fulger Special Forces Battalion, said.

The “Joint Combined Exercise Training 2012” included trainings in providing first medical help, special research, operations planning in theaters of operations, shooting in difficult conditions, as well as parachuting from the National Army aircrafts.

The “Joint Combined Exercise Training 2012” held June 1-21 is part of the Partnership for Peace Program. The goal of the exercise is based on insuring the joint training of the US and Republic of Moldova special forces.

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