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Nicolae Timofti: „The Honor Guard is the Visit Card of the Republic of Moldova”

CHISINAU, June 22, 2012 — During 20 years of existence, the professionalism and military uniform of the Honor Guard has been appreciated and admired thousands of times both, by the guests of the Republic of Moldova and our citizens, President of the Republic of Moldova, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Nicolae Timofti stated at the 20th anniversary military ceremony of the Ministry’s of Defense Honor Guard.

According to the Head of State, the Honor Guard servicemen are the visit card of the Ministry of Defense and the Republic of Moldova. “You do an excellent job. Thus, you are a model for everyone and I would like to thank you for the effort made throughout two decades, for you are the ones to represent our state at the highest level”, President Nicolae Timofti said.

Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta stated this subdivision of the National Army is a symbol of state. The military institution is honored to have the Honor Guard Company representing both the army and the Republic of Moldova.

During the ceremony, the company commander, 1st LT. Vasile Ojoga, and the standard-bearer, chief warrant officer (CW3) Vitalie Josan, were awarded the Military Merit Medal on behalf of the Republic of Moldova President. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense decorated and offered gifts to a group of servicemen and conscripts of the Honor Guard. The military men demonstrated a few square bashing techniques.

According to Col. Dumitru Mudrenco, Commander of the Guard Battalion, every year, the Honor Guard members attend nearly 250 ceremonies, including state protocolary activities, foreign ambassadors’ accreditation ceremonies and state award ceremonies, and others.

Young men eligible for the Honor Guard Company must have 185-195 cm height, be in good physical shape, good-looking and own a college graduation diploma. They usually attend four-hour square bashing and specialty trainings daily. The Honor Guard Company was established June 22, 1992, through the Minister’s of Defense Order.

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