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JCC Examines Only One Report

The participants of the Joint Control Commission (JCC) meeting as of June 21 examined only one of the reports of the Joint Military Command. The other issues were postponed for the next meetings.

The JCC members on behalf of the Republic of Moldova revealed the need to obey the decision of the JCC extraordinary meeting as of January 10, 11 and 13, 2012. The parties reiterated the need to involve immediately the military observers in the examination of incidents recorded in the Security Area. According to Sergiu Gutu, JCC Republic of Moldova Interim Deputy Chairperson, the military observers’ interference only based on the agreement of all the senior military leaders decreases the success of the peacekeeping mission.

At the end of the meeting, the JCC members on behalf of the Republic of Moldova, informed the other members about the fact that on June 27, Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova will organize a familiarization visit to the 3rd Peacekeeping Battalion for the corps of defense attaches to the Republic of Moldova. Our delegation also informed about the Soviet soldiers’ reburial event to be held June 22, in Cosnita. During June 28-29, a group of experts from Luxembourg will inspect the military units and sites of the Security Area.

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