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National Army Units Certified for International Peacekeeping Operations

CHISINAU, June 28, 2012 — Republic of Moldova is certified to take part in international peacekeeping operations. A group of international experts took this decision today, after having evaluated this week the National Army units in compliance with the Operational Capabilities Concept (OCC).

By joining OCC in 2007, Moldova has shown one more time its commitment to change from the status of regional and international security consumer to the one of security provider, being able to act in theaters of operations along with its partners, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuţa stated during the closing ceremony of Peace Shield 2012 Exercise held June 25-28 at Bulboaca Training Site.

“In 2007, when we first joined OCC, our goal was very clear. We wanted to improve the interoperability partner forces, in accordance with the Moldovan legislation. Today, after a five year intense and hard training, we may say our effort and time invested gave good results. Thus, the experience gained in this period will definitely be of great use for us in developing and implementing training and evaluation programs for all the units, which is a great plus in the National Army reform process,” Minister Marinuta said.

The US Ambassador to Republic of Moldova, William H. Moser, highly appreciated the Moldovan service members’ performances. “I believe the money that the United States has invested in training these troops has been extremely well spent. I told myself how well the troops conformed those standards of trying to be effective in a simulated situation, but I think they have shown they’ve got the training necessary to participate in real operations”, Moser stated.

This year, 98 servicemen of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion Infantry Company and the EOD group of Codru EOD Battalion were evaluated at the final stage of the exercise. Ten national evaluators headed by three officers from Italy and Portugal tested the Moldovans’ professional abilities in operations planning, mission execution process, logistics supply, command and control and personnel management.

The exercise scenario consisted of 45 simulated events and incidents within international theaters of operations, including convoy and patrol missions, tactical movement, field inspection, crowd control, taking measures of protection and providing medical assistance.

The National Army joined OCC in 2007. The Operational Capabilities Concept is a Partnership for Peace cooperation tool focusing on the implementation of Western standards in unit evaluation and training. This Concept gives Republic of Moldova the possibility to take part in international peacekeeping operations.

The National Army OCC-based operational evaluation in 2007 and it consists of two levels. Each level has the national and international evaluation stage.

The first level national evaluation took place in summer 2008. In 2009, Moldovan peacekeepers passed the first level international evaluation.

In 2011, the second level national evaluation was held and this year, our officers will be tested by foreign experts as part of the second level international evaluation process.

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