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Military engineers destroyed 52 explosives in November

Chisinau, November 3rd, the engineers of the National Army neutralized in November 52 explosives from the districts: Călăraşi, Cimişlia, Ungheni, Făleşti and Orhei.

According to lieutenant-colonel Mihail Semionov, Commander of Engineers troops of the National Army, during that period engineers have conducted ​​16 trips to execute combat missions where they studied, neutralized, defused and destroyed 12 artillery shells, four hand grenades, six shots from grenade launcher, two bombs, an igniter UZRGM and 27 cartridges, caliber 7.62 mm.

The above mentioned source stated that the most dangerous catch was a 50 kg aviation bomb, discovered near the village Singureni, district Riscani, during agricultural works. The demining group from Brigade “Moldova” Balti, led by the warrant officer Eduard Hincu went to that area. After investigating the terrain, they found out that the explosive dated from the World War II, and was produced in the Soviet Union, being dangerous to people. Military pioneers specified that in case of blasts, the range of explosion can reach about 800-1000 m. The military engineers transported the bomb to the Aviation Training Centre of the Brigade “Moldova”, where they neutralized it.

This year, the National Army engineers have conducted 235 mission trips to execute demining and liquidated 2138 explosive objects in different regions of the country.

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