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"National Army participates actively in efforts to integrate people with disabilities from our country"

Chişinău, December 06th , 2012 — the Minister of Defense, Vitalie Marinuţa, purchased Christmas gifts from the exhibition inaugurated at the Gouvernament House to mark the International Day of Persons with Desabilities.

The Minister of Defense, Vitalie Marinuţa chose a series of works made ​​of wood and natural cone in the spirit of the season holiday, whose authors are from the support Association of children with disabilities from Peresecina and Community Center “VIS”. The Minister said that all the exposed objects were created with inspiration and National Army military support the society efforts to integrate people with disabilities. “I liked the knitted works, the sets of paintings, greetings card, and boots for Christmas gifts that were displayed here. I am very glad to see talented people who manage to keep a smile on their face. People with disabilities from Moldova should be protected and supported. The National Army supports the efforts of integration of Desabled People into society through patronage of school-orphanage from the country, ” Minister of Defense said.

The exhibition organized to mark the International Day of People with Disabilities was visited by officials from the Ministry of Defense and National Army units who bought wooden objects, macrame, Christmas products, dolls, postcards and many other handicrafts.

The organizers of this event are permanent Secretariat of the National Council for Child Rights Protection in partnership with the Alliance Organization for People with Disabilities (AOPD).

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