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Soldiers enlisted in autumn took an oath of allegiance to the Country (Photo, Video)

Chișinău, December 7th, 2012 — 460 young soldiers, graduates of initial military training course, took today an oath of allegiance to the country during the ceremony held within Motorized Infantry Brigades “Moldova” from Balti and “Dacia” from Cahul.

Attending the ceremony in Balti, the Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuţa congratulated those 150 young soldiers on the occasion of the most important moment in military life, specifying that the oath taken to the battle Flag is the gateway to the world of real men, of those who chose the duty to country and to the law as their own destiny. “Military Oath expresses not mere words, but is the covenant that you have made to the country where you were born and you must defend it. I urge you to honor commitments, follow order and military discipline and be proud to wear military uniform, ” the Minister of Defense mentioned.

In Balti Mister Vitalie Marinuţa participated in the opening of a barracks for soldiers, renovated due to extra capital sources of the Ministry of Defence. "The development of military infrastructure is on the agenda of the Ministry of Defense. We have a duty to create decent living conditions for the soldiers incorporated into the National Army so that they could perform military service at an appropriate level and without shortages, “said the Minister of Defense.

In III Motorized Infantry Brigade “Dacia” from Cahul those 310 young soldiers took the military oath in the presence of Chief of the Main Staff, National Army Commander, and Brigadier General Vitalie Stoian. The military official assured the young soldiers that during internship, soldierly life’s challenges and accomplishments will be intertwined with professional performance. “At the end, proud of your achievements, you will get maturity certificate offered by the National Army to those who serve with dignity and you will be better prepared for life,” said General Stoian.

It should be noted that starting with this year; the military oath ceremony marks also the graduation of young soldiers from military training course lasting for five weeks.

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