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National Army at the balance sheet

Chisinau, December 14th, 2012 — The Ministry of Defense in 2013 should continue the efforts to resize the military structures, the assimilation of Western standards action planning and forces preparation. This statement was made today by the President of the Republic of Moldova , the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Nicholae Timofti within the Collegial Council meeting of the Ministry of Defense.

The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces said that he appreciates the efforts of the Ministry of Defense regarding the tasks that the institution faces, specifying that military missions in 2013 will focus on national airspace surveillance, destruction and defusing of the explosives found in Moldova, maintaining and capacity building support to the authorities in case of natural disasters. “National Army continues the missions in the security area within the Joint Peacekeeping Forces. At the same time, it is important for our country that the Moldovan military participate in international peacekeeping operations, ” said President Timofti.

The Minister of Defense, Vitalie Marinuţa said that in 2013 the military institution will focus on initiating the implementation of Public Private Partnerships in order to create institutional fund of housing and improve service in terms of social security of the military.

Vitalie Marinuţa also noted that the Ministry of Defense will take steps to modernize the National Army by changing the legislative framework for national defense system, resize command structures and forces organs, practical introduction to new methods of preparation of active and reserve forces, and standards used in the armies of the West.

Analyzing the work of the National Army in 2012, the Chief of Main Staff of the National Army, Brigadier General Vitalie Stoian said that the main efforts were directed towards fulfilling the tasks set out in the activities of the National Army and to achieve the objectives contained in the Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) Moldova — NATO.

Brigadier General Stoian mentioned that this year the National Army Air Force maintained airspace security system by monitoring it permanently. Thus, during that period were detected 36 cases of violation of airspace usage regime.

" Also, the engineer subunits of National Army executed 235 missions of defusing explosive objects during which 2138 explosives were neutralized by them. Within the project of destroying cluster storage of expired time, 1605 explosive objects of different caliber were neutralized, " said National Army Commander.

At the end of the Collegial Council meeting of the Ministry of Defense a set of missions were approved to be performed by the National Army in 2013.

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