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The military of the National Army help the population affected by snow (update)

Upadte: 17:25 The military personnel of the Engineering Battalion of Negreşti participate in the snow removal on the national road M14 in the region of village Lupa-Recea, district Straseni.

Update: 17:00 The MoD arranged a mobile point on the border between Rezina and Orhei, where blocked people can benefit from heat source, hot drinks and biscuits.

Update: 16:45 The Mobile Team of the Engineer Battalion, led by Captain George Racu participate in unblocking cars on Orhei-Rezina route.

Update: 14:50 The Mobile Team of Engineer Battalion led by Captain George Racu, arranged a campaign fireplace at the border between Rezina and Orhei, where many people are blocked. Currently engineers are moving towards the village Chiperceni district Orhei, to transport food and fuel for people who were trapped.

At the same time, two transport units of the National Army of ZIL 131 and KAMAZ type move to Drochia district on Balti-Drochia routes and Donduseni-Drochia, at the request of local authorities to evacuate the sick.

Update: ora 13:18 A mobile team of Engineer Battalion led by Captain George Racu, found a TV team of Publika TV channel, stuck in the snow at the edge of Rezina and Orhei districts , near the places Buşăuca and Curleni. At the moment the journalists are provided with food and water brought by the military.

Chisinau, December 17th, 2012 — National Army mobile teams are involved in snow removal of the routes in the north. Until now 36 soldiers and five units of special equipment were involved in the unblocking of national roads, population evacuation and in granting aid to the snow removal teams.

According to the Head of Operational Control Centre of the Main Staff of the National Army, colonel Alexandru Nica, a mobile team, consisting of 25 soldiers and two technical units of the Brigade “Moldova”, deployed in Balti, was asked to participate in cleaning Balti-Floreşti path. The military evacuated five people and unblocked 17 cars. Another group of military unblocked 12 cars stalled on the same track.

In district Rezina, the staff of the Center for Training of specialists for the National Army evacuated 12 people and unblocked 12 cars out of the snow drifts.

The cited source said that now a Kamaz truck and four soldiers of the Battalion of Engineers " Codru " are involved in the work of snow removal on Orhei-Rezina route.

It is to mention that in all military units of the National Army are formed mobile teams equipped with special equipment, prepared to get involved in case of aid required.

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