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The National Army help the population from the northern part of the country

Chisinau, December 18th, 2012 — the National Army continues to provide support to remove the snow from the roads in the northern part of the country. Until the first half of Tuesday, December 18th, 31 soldiers and 7 units of four-wheel drive were involved in the release of the routes and evacuation of the population.

According to the head of the Operational Command of the Main Staff of the National Army, colonel Alexandru Nica, a mobile team consisting of 23 soldiers and a technical unit within the Brigade “Moldova”, move from Balti on the route Cubolta-Ştefăneşti, towards the village Moara de Piatră , district of Drochia, to help clear the snow off.

Colonel Nica mentioned that at the request of local authorities, the military will carry a villager who needs hospitalization, but can not reach the district hospital because ambulances do not enter the village. The cited source said that at the moment in district of Drochia , one Kamaz truck of the National Army is involved in unlocking work and transportation of persons.

The mobile teams of the National Army are equipped with transport units such as Kamaz, Ural, ZIL 131, T 150.

The National Army personnel were involved from the first day of heavy snowfall, from December 16th, in actions to help people who remained isolated on roads or localities.

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