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National Army awarded the best athletes

Chisinau, December 19th, 2012 — National Army named the best athletes/ sportsmen of the year in a Military Sports Gala held for the first time ever at the Military Culture and History Center.

Present at the event Minister of Defence Vitalie Marinuţa said that sports is vital to any army. “We are proud of the performance of military athletes who have brought fame of Republic of Moldova in 2012 at the most important world competitions, and this event comes to show that we appreciate champions. We hope that this event, the Military Sports Gala, become traditional and will increase the number of medals each year, ” the Minister of Defence said.

In his turn, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Ion Ciobanu, congratulated the military athletes for the achieved results this year, specifying that these achievements are the result of a mix of factors, the main role is held by the young people engaged in sports, coaches and clubs where they train. “Central Army Sports Club is an example for many institutions in the country, having under its wings professional athletes that guide and give them a job,” said Ion Ciobanu.

Nicolae Piatac, vice-president of National Olympic Committee appreciated the contribution of National Army in supporting the Olympic movement in our country and expressed hope that at the next Olympiad military institution will delegate more participants.

To note that this year’s National Army Central Club athletes attended over 100 national and European competitions and the 30th edition of the London Olympic Games.

The athletes received diplomas, /prizes in money and gifts. The event partner was Moldcell Company.

2012 Military Sport Laureates:

The category of Best coach:

  1. Svetlana Mocrieva-shooting.
  2. Ludmila Hudeaev-radiosport.
  3. Basil Capatina — martial arts

Hope of the Year category:


  1. Alexander Evdochimov — radiosport, the first place European Cup.
  2. Ion Aric — TIR, second place Republic of Moldova Championship
  3. Iuliana Ceclea- martial arts, first place at open ALTAIR Tournament TULL compartment and first place sparring compartment.
  4. Daniel Zubriţchi — motorsport, third place Republic of Moldova Championship

Technical probe/testing category:

  1. Eugen Tcaci — Martials arts, first place, Uni-Fight European championship
  2. Victor Culeac — martial arts, second place, Canada world championship, categoria sparring echipă
  3. Victor Hudeaev — radiosport, second place, European Cup, first place Balkan countries championship, first place nonolimpic games
  4. Igor Dementiev — aerobatics, third place, individual, World Championship, and first place, team,
  5. Eugen Tcaci — first place, Uni-Fight European championship
  6. Ştefan Jelescu — motocross, first place, Republic of Moldova Championship
  7. Gherman Buzurin — autocross, third place, Republic of Moldova Championship

Olympic probe/testing category:

  1. Svetlana Saenco — wrestling, silver medal, Olympic qualification Tournament held in Taiyuan, China; tenth place, JO London 2012, third place France International Tournament
  2. Oleg Sîrghi — weightlifting, third place, European Championship, first place Republic of Moldova Championship
  3. Marina Zgurscaia — shooting, JO London 2012 participant, first place in the third stage of Romanian Championship
  4. Victor Ceban —Free Fighting, second place, Thailand World Championship 56 kg category.
  5. Ecaterina Railean — shooting, second place, Grand Prix “Cup of Podillya”; third place, Romanian International Tournament, first place, TIR, Republic of Moldova Championship
  6. Alexandru Denisiuc — open water swimming, second and third place, European Cup stages.
  7. Diana Negreba — shooting, second place, Germany International Tournament, third place, Romanian International Tournament, Republic of Moldova Champion.
  8. Pavel Russu — canoe— kayak, first place, Republic of Moldova Championship; third place, Portugal Youth European Championship; third place, University World Championships.

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