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Army candidates for master degree present their theses

Chisinau, December 19th, 2012 — The first 19 candidates for master degree in Security and Defense from National Army presented their theses in the presence of state evaluation commission and NATO representatives in the Military Academy Senate Hall “Alexandru cel Bun”.

According to Colonel Iurii Girnet, dean of academics, the works dealt with issues specific to Security and Defense domain and were evaluated by a committee of 7 members from the Science Academy of Moldova, Ministry of Defense and Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun”, chaired by Academician Gheorghe Rusnac. “At the event were present Mark Montesclares and Lt. Col. Mark Florin Cîrciumaru, representatives of the North Atlantic Oranization that have assisted in the design of the master program, in developing curricula and wanted to be present at the most important stage of the project”, said Colonel Girnet.

The chairman of State evaluation commission, Gheorghe Rusnac, was pleased with the results achieved by the candidates to the title of master degree. “It’s a good beginning for the Military Academy "Alexandru cel Bun"”. All 19 candidates for the title of master degree presented their theses well. The subject of their theses is also significant. To a large extent it corresponds to Army problems concern — national security, participation in peacekeeping operations, and cooperation with international peacekeeping structures. Competitors have fully demonstrated their skills and learned some techniques to find answers to questions arising in the investigation, "said the academician. In the same context Gheorghe Rusnac underlined the importance of launching the doctoral studies. "The European higher education institution has three dimensions — the licensee, master, and doctorate. I really wish that in the near future, the Military Academy of Moldova conduct a comprehensive research and provide Ph.D. in certain areas, because National Army is a structure of great importance for the country, "said Rusnac.

Master thesis presentations started on December 17th, and will last for three days. On December 25th, graduation ceremony will be held. The next stage of selection will start with the support of entrance exams in the summer of 2013.

The second cycle study program at Masters Degree was launched in September 2011; it lasts for 18 months, and includes 14 basic subjects in "Security and Defence"speciality.

Military Academy of Armed Forces is accredited to carry only master degree studies in "Security and Defence“speciality, in the military field.

The Master Program is open to all military holders of licence degree or diplomas equivalent to licence study, with military rank of Major (minimum two years in this rank) and lieutenant colonel, with at least “good” at the last annual assessment. According to Lieutenant Colonel Ion Serjant, Human Resources Management Division, to master studies may also apply public officials. aged between 30 and 41 years who have worked in the military structure at least two years.

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