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Master degree graduates received their diplomas

Chisinau, December 24th, 2012 — Master graduates in Security and Defence of National Army received their diplomas in a graduation ceremony held at the Military Academy of Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun”.

Diplomas were offered by Minister of Defence Vitalie Marinuţa. Minister of Defence stated that the need and timelines of a master program in security and defense is determined by the fact that Moldova has chosen the European vector, which in turn requires state security in accordance with international requirements. "The objective of the master program is to train qualified specialists in the field of defense and security needed today. I hope that all 19 graduates will get involved and will contribute to the modernization of the military institution, applying the acquired knowledge and experience of those who have been mentors during this period, "said Minister Marinuta.

Acording to the Minister, Master’s program graduates will be able to work in various fields of security and state defense, in command functions in military units and bodies of the National Army.

In the ceremony, the head of the first master graduates class of the Military Academy, Colonel Nicholas Cracan, was awarded with “White nominal weapon”.

The second master cycle studies of Military Academy was launched in September 2011, lasted for 18 months and included 14 basic subjects in specialty “Security and Defence”

The Master Program is open to all military holders of licence degree or diplomas equivalent to licence study, with military rank of Major (minimum two years in this rank) and lieutenant colonel, with at least “good” at the last annual assessment. According to Lieutenant Colonel Ion Serjant, Human Resources Management Directorate, to master studies may also apply public officials aged between 30 and 41 years who have worked in the military structure at least two years.

The Military Academy of Armed Forces is accredited to carry the master studies only in “Security and Defence”, in the military training field.

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