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Evaluation of military at the exercise "Under the blue sky 2012"

Chisinau, December 26th, 2012 — About 270 military participated in the field exercise “Under the blue sky — 2012”, held in Brigade “Moldova” from Balti.

According to lieutenant colonel Mihail Semeonov, acting commander of Land Force Command, participants in the exercise were evaluated in terms of training to perform the tasks in the Security Zone in the composition of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces. In carrying “Under the blue sky 2012”, the military executed tactical situations of peacekeeping at six training places. The infantry carried out patrols missions in the area of ​​responsibility, negotiations for the release of hostages, evacuation of wounded, rejected the attack.

Lieutenant colonel Semeonov also mentioned that those 270 military, who participated in exercise “Under the blue sky”, will be transferred to conduct military service within the subunits of Moldovan peacekeeping forces, stationed in Cocieri, Cosnita and Varna. These military have passed a training course of four months at the Training Centre from the Brigade “Moldova”.

A military ceremony was organized at the end of the exercise, and the best 30 soldiers who have satisfied the 6 months service in the security zone, were awarded honorary diplomas, military badges and gifts, and their parents received letters of thanks from the MoD.

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