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The Message of the National Army Commander on the occasion of winter holidays

Dear generals and officers! Dear warrant officers, seargeants and soldiers!

Dear civilian employees and veterans of the National Army!

One more year of hard work has gone, this fact requires us to think both about the successes as well as about those targets that were not met by the National Army, but they are to be implemented next year. For us, the military of the National Army, winter holidays are a moment of joy and satisfaction of being useful to our motherland and society.

Year 2012 in the National Army was marked by a series of events and activities aimed at improving military units and structural reform, and at strengthening the military ranks.

Our troops have managed once again to confirm the value of the National Army not only by meritorious developments at multinational peacekeeping applications conducted within the “Partnership for Peace”, but also within the activities conducted in the country.

The main task for 2013 is to implement the restructuring and modernization of the National Army. In addition to all this, there is a call to model new tasks designed to improve discipline in military units, improved forms of instruction and military education, as well as issues related to material and technical supply and maintenance of military equipment to the required level of activity of a modern army.

The confidence of Moldova’s population in his army must always find correspondence in military professionalism and dignity. A special thought goes to our military currently representing Moldova in missions on the continent of Africa. I wish everyone a successful mission and to return home safely, we are alongside you!

I hope that in 2013 we will hold our common sense to step forward with employment in carrying out the tasks incumbent on us and hope in better days. Let us largely maintain our pace and give a lesson of solidarity to all other walks of life and our entire society. At the balance watch, I look with confidence and hope at the coming year.

On behalf of the National Army leadership, I sincerely thank the staff and civilian personnel of the Army for their diligence, understanding and patience. I address to all veterans, reserve and retired officers: be confident that the Army is and will be your house, your support and hope.

I wish you happy holidays from the bottom of my heart, good health, a better year and fulfilling of all your wishes alongside your loved ones!

Happy New Year!

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