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Statutory relations between military in the civil society attention

Chişinău, februarie 4th , 2013 — Cases of violence as a result of non-statutory relations are not common in the National Army. There are isolated incidents that are reported in a transparent manner to the military Prosecutor’s Office, analyzed and researched in detail, and the guilty are punished according to the law. These conclusions were made public today at a press conference by the Commission of studying the issue of statutory rules violation between military, established by the Minister of Defense.

According to the Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta the Commission had to analyze the state of military discipline in all the garrisons and the way these cases are reported and investigated. “For greater transparency, we have decided that representatives of NGOs and academics should be part of this Committee. Thus, they had the main role in the committee and had access to all that is called army ”, said Vitalie Marinuta

The head of General Inspection Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, the Chairman, Colonel Iurii Briceag said that 16 representatives of the committee have worked in 16 military units. They discussed individually and in groups with conscripts and servicemen and checked the way service obligations are honored. The living conditions, the military nutrition, the medical insurance, the equipment, the degree of involvement of the people named in key functions in the prevention of irregular relations and military discipline maintaining were considered. Officers received anonymous surveys developed by the Free International University of Moldova, which were completed, and the Commission made their conclusions.

Svetlana Rusnac, Dean of the Psychology and Social Work Faculty at the Free International University of Moldova reported that 85% of military respondents, that is 1161out of 1643 have a positive attitude towards military service and 80% of them encourage other young people to military service.

The Commission also stated that for all the young people, but especially for those from socially vulnerable families, the military is an opportunity to grow, to learn and to gain life experience. This demonstrates that the National Army is an institution in which citizens of the Republic of Moldova can find their future.

Referring to the discovered deficiencies quoted source said that this is related to poor health of conscripts, which speaks of a poor quality selection by military medical commissions of the territory. According to statistics, in 2012 were released early due to illness 102 military in 2013 — 5 military.

Also in some barracks the bathrooms and the messhalls, the appropriate conditions and equipment are missing. It requires additional funds to solve this situation, to make ​​a total renovation of the rooms. Cosmetic repairs are made annually but this doesn’t change significantly the situation.

In the matter of irregular relations, the committee determined that 2.4% of soldiers said they had been physically abused during the service, which are 20 people out of 845 respondents. Even though psychologists say it is a small percentage, it will be carefully analyzed by the National Army leadership.

So, it was established that the recorded irregular relations do not depend on the environment they live in, but on their personality, the way they manifest in more difficult situations specific to barracks environment which is more rigorous. That is why psychological service was created in the National Army, that will allow psychologists to work with every military, especially in situations when the person shows stressful estates, or has spontaneous or unexpected reactions in a group.

The committee’s conclusions will be analyzed by National’s Army decision makers and later an action plan will be developed to improve the situation in this chapter.

The Minister of Defense expressed his point of view that with the publication of the information about the army state of things in terms of non-statutory relations, suspected cover-up of such cases will disappear and mothers who send their children to the army will be sure that their children are in good hands and if it’s difficult, it’s only because good military skills are acquired by hard and assiduous work.

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