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Military Doctors Report

Chisinau, February 14, 2013 — The quality of medical services in the National Army has improved in 2012. This is due to the professional medical staff and the modern equipment medical-military institutions have at their disposal. The conclusion was drawn during the summing-up meeting held at the Chisinau Outpatient Health Care Center from Chisinau (CCD) with the participation of medical staff of the National Army.

According to the Head of the Medical Service Control and Organization Department, General Inspection Division, Col. Gheorghe Antoci, the good results recorded by the National Army health care institutions is mostly thanks to the implementation of some modern diagnosis and treatment methods, as well as the training military doctors abroad. The same source specified the modernization of outpatient offices of military units and the establishment of family doctor service within CCD are just a few major goals to be carried out this year.

The reports presented during the meeting today show that in 2012, the total number of visits decreased to 94375, mostly because of the growth of the efficiency of the activity of the youth selection board for military service. Last year, dentists and ORL doctors were mostly required by patients. Neurologists and ophthalmologists were less required than any other doctors. The same data show that the most frequently recorded diseases are respiratory, digestive and urogenital maladies.

Doctor Col. Vladimir Trofimov said that last year, the number of patients enlisted in the army has significantly decreased. On the other hand, the number of active duty family members increased. The source pointed out that in 2012, the Central Military Hospital has undergone an organizational change of staff and accreditation of the headquarters of the military hospital in Balti.

The most important achievements recorded by the Chisinau Outpatient Health Care Center are as follows: the opening of a kinetotherapy and medical recovery office, the performance of some new investigations (biochemical blood analysis), the opening of a surgery room and a post-surgery hall, where 25 surgeries have been made so far. “Last year, our institution made the testing of pulmonary condition”, doctor major Carolina Martalog, Deputy Chief of CCD, said.

Medical military entities of the Ministry of Defense consist of: Central Military Hospital, Chisinau Outpatient Health Care Center, Preventive Medical Center, the Central Medical Expertise Commission of the Armed Forces and the medical offices of military units.

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