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National Army Evaluates Ammunition

Chisinau, February 15, 2013 — The condition of weapons and ammunition of the National Army is one of the personal priorities of Defense Minister Vitalie Marinuta, as well as a core priority for decision-making factors of the defense institution. Thus, we asked for the competency and experience of foreign experts to ask for support, the Head of Main Staff, Commander of the National Army, Brigadier Gen. Vitalie Stoian, said during the summing-up meeting, with the participation of the group of multinational experts in the ammunition management, that are in a visit in Moldova during February 11-15.

Maj. Andrei Camerzan, Deputy Chief of Weapons and Ammunition Division said during this visit, experts would evaluate the condition of National Army ammunition. The proposals of military experts on the development and approval of a regulation regarding the adjustment of norms and procedures of conventional ammunition and weapons management in compliance with the best international practices.

The quoted source also said the event is part of the Memorandum between the Ministry of Defense and OSCE on the implementation of the complex Program on small and light weapons, as well as conventional weapons in our country, signed October 28, 2010.

The group of multinational experts headed by Col. Prasenjit Chaudhuri and formed of representatives of the Armed Forces from Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Austria, under OSCE, has evaluated these weeks the National Army’s capabilities in term of weapons and ammunition management: the true situation, adjustment to international requirements, as well as evaluation of risks, in case of some uncontrolled incidents.

The experts’ conclusions and recommendations will be analyzed by the National Army experts in order to establish the measures to be taken in compliance with the priorities.

The same day, the Ministry of Defense hosted the meeting of the interdepartmental work group consisting of representatives of law-enforcement institutions. The parties also considered the improvement of guidelines on ammunition management in the above institutions.

These activities are meant to support the execution of decisions of the Supreme Security Council on weapons and ammunition conditions in the Armed Forces.

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