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Moldovan Troops Tested in Hohenfels

Chisinau, February 28, 2013 — The goal of the Republic of Moldova Government focuses on changing our country into a security supplier and, in case a political decision is taken, the Moldovan service members will bring our flag to world peacekeeping operations, along with our strategic partners supporting us in our democratic development and EU accession process, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta said during the deployment ceremony of the National Army contingent to “Mission Readiness Exercise” (MRE), carried out during March 1-25, at Hohenfels Training Area, Germany.

The Minister of Defense showed confidence about the readiness and professionalism of service members to participate in the multinational exercise in Germany. “What you learned here, in your native country, and the abilities acquired in other two previous missions on Hohenfels training ground, gives you the opportunity to be successful in the tasks established. The fact that you are more now shows that we keep progressing and achieving our goals regardless of impediments faced.

In his turn, the Head of the US Bilateral Affairs Office to Republic of Moldova, Maj. Christopher Rogers, said Moldovan troops had participated in a variety of multinational exercises and missions abroad such as: “Sea Breeze”, “Combined Endeavor”, “Rapid Trident”, as well as peacekeeping missions and everytime time, they had been internationally lauded as a very professional, ready and capable force. “I am certain this new experience will be extremely valuable for you, as you have the opportunity to put into practice and display all the skills you have learned during the in-country training, but more important is that you will be able to continue to test your interoperability, a very critical operational capability in your military modernization efforts and your aspirations for participating in peacekeeping operations”.

The head of the Moldovan contingent, LTC Roman Ceban, said the National Army would deploy 144 professional soldiers of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion and Fulger Special Forces Battalion to Hohenfels.

The source also said that the Moldovan contingent would perform patrol missions, convoy escort, transportation and support operations along with other partner nation troops. The goal of the exercise relies on the assessment of the troops readiness level through rotation in international missions.

Moreover, the Special Forces Troops will make parachute jumps for the first time.

“Mission Readiness Exercise” is carried out by the United States Army Europe and consists of a few phases. Thus, during the first phase, the troops will attend a specialized training with a focus on applying their knowledge into practice using different modern simulators. The second stage will include a joint field and staff exercise carried out in partnering with troops from 12 countries, including Slovenia, Czech Republic, USA, Lithuania, Jordan, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania and Georgia.

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