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Moldovan Troops Train in Hohenfels

Chisinau, March 18, 2013 — Natioanl Army troops deployed to “Mission Readiness Exercise” (MRE) in Germany carry out practical missions along with other countries’ troops.

The head of the Moldovan contingent, LTC Roman Ceban, said service members are trained in the reconstruction of true-to-life situations such as: management of incidents, cordon operations, response to armed attacks, negotiations and reconciliation.

Fulger Special Forces Battalion, along with service members of the Bulgarian Special Forces and US NAVY SEAL Team One, negotiate with local leaders in the operations area, execute convoy tactical movement, air fire and terrorists’ capture actions.

The source said the international observers and trainers have highly appreciated the readiness of the Moldovan contingent and the way they learn new procedures, specifying that at the tactical level, the Republic of Moldova troops are considered as one of the best within the multinational exercise.

The National Army deployed 11 professional service members of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion, EOD Battalion and Fulger Special Forces Battalion to participate in the Mission Readiness Exercise. The exercise is held from March 1 to March 25, in Hohenfels and it comprises service members from 12 countries, including Slovenia, Czech Republic, USA, Lithuania, Jordan, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania and Georgia.

“Mission Readeness Exercise” is an exercise conducted by United States Army in Europe and aims to increase the level of cooperation, by training military to participate in peacekeeping operations.

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