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National Army Communicators Prepare For “Combined Endeavor 2013”

Chisinau, June 13, 2013 — National Army communicators attend the final planning conference of the multinational exercise “Combined Endeavor 2013” that will be held within June 10-15, in Kalkar, Germany.

According to Lt. Col. Oleg Guzun, Head of Communications and Computer Systems Directorate of National Army Main Staff, the conference brought together 270 servicemembers from 39 NATO member and signatory states of the Partnership for Peace Program. During this event,the exercise scenario and plan are finished.

The multinational exercise “Combined Endeavor 2013”, that will take place within September 13-26, in Grafenwohr, Germany, aims to achieve a high level of operational compatibility, information security, technique and software through integration of national C4 systems to support multinational military contingents in humanitarian, peacekeeping or military operations and disaster relief missions.

Guzun mentioned that 10 National Army servicemembers will participate at this exercise, with communications and computer equipment (radio, network).

Participation of National Army at “Combined Endeavor” dates back to 1998. At the beginning, Moldovan servicemembers were just observers. Since 1999, Moldovan military take active part in the exercise development.

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