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Summing up of Draft Into Armed Forces

CHISINAU, October 4, 2013 — The medical-military expertise, young people invalided out of the army and results of military-patriotic activities within April-July 2013 were the basic issues to be discussed by the members of the Army Enrolment State Committee, conducted by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Poting.

According to the information presented by the Head of Personnel Division of Main Staff, Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, during this period of time, 1465 young men joined the Armed Forces, including 965 — the National Army and 500 — Carabineer Troops. Most of the recruits are from Soroca, Orhei and Hincesti districts.

The Head of Personnel Division specified that 7,580 young men had been examined by the medical-military and enlistment commissions. 54% of them have been deferred because of family problems or studies. 26% have not been enlisted: 1,4% — because of religious beliefs, 1,9% — had been previously legally persecuted, 79,7% — reached the maximum age for enlistment in the military and 14,1% — chose alternative civil service.

Statistics show the follow on ethnical pattern: 88,7 % of young men enlisted during April 2012 — July 2013 are Moldovans, 5,0 % — Ukrainians, 3,6% — Gagauz and 2,4 % — Russians.

According to the living indicator, figures show a decrease of the number of young people from villages: 71% as compared to 73,4% recorded in 2012, and an increase of the number of recruits from urban areas: 29% as compared to 26,6% enlisted last year.

The quoted source said that, in comparison with the previous years, the number of recruits holding college, bachelor, high school diplomas increased. At the same time, the number of people with gymnasium diplomas decreased. Thus, 3,7% of enlistees graduated from colleges, 55,8 %— hold bachelors’ degree or have high school diplomas, and 40,5% — graduated from gymnasiums.

According to the national legislation, military conscription is held four times a year. The military service in the Armed Forces lasts 12 months.

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