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Guard Battalion Marks 21st Anniversary

CHISINAU, October 18, 2013 — The Guard Battalion of the National Army celebrated today the 21st anniversary within a ceremony held at military compound No.142 from Chisinau.

Defense Minister Vitalie Marinuta congratulated the unit staff on the anniversary and awarded Government diplomas of class I, II and III to a group of servicememebrs as a sign of appreciation and full acknowledgement of the role and performance recorded last year.

Vitalie Marinuta stated that the Guard Battalion contributes everyday to the high-quality training of troops and technical supply of operations carried out by the National Army.

The Minister of Defense appreciated the achievements of all the Battalion units, mainly the Guard of Honor company, that throughout 21 years of activity has become an emblem of the National Army and the entire country. “You are high-class professionals, you are the visit card of the Republic of Moldova and your performances are appreciated by our citizens”, Vitalie Marinuta said.

The Commander of the Guard Battalion, LTC Adrian Balan, said that the unit he is the leader of has undergone changes and improvements in order to get a well-trained unit capable to accomplish missions established. “Protocol activities of the Ministry of Defense and other government institutions, the guard of buildings of major importance, participation in national and multinational exercises are just a few of the activities the Guard Battalion soldiers are involved in. As a commander, I appreciate my subordinates’ efforts, that are on duty 24/24 and demonstrate diligence in all their missions”, LTC Balan mentioned.

The anniversary ceremony program included weapon handling and wrestling exercises presented by the soldier of the Guard of Honor and Special Forces Battalion “Fulger”, an exhibition of weapons, technical equipment and vehicles, as well as a concert conducted by Doina Armatei band.

The event brought together the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and National Army Main Staff, defense attaches, former commanders of the unit, military priests, pupils and students from Chisinau, as well as soldiers’ parents.

The Guard Battalion of the National Army was founded on October 16, 1992, and consists of six companies.

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