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First 20 Tons of Pesticides Are Evacuated Today from Taraclia District to Poland

Chisinau, October 21, 2013 — The first 20 tons of pesticides of the total of 17 tons of chemicals, stored in Taraclia district, are transported today to Poland to be destroyed.

According to the Head of Ecological and Environment Protection Section of the National Army, LTC Mariana Grama, all the 170 tons of pesticides from Taraclia district will be removed from the territory of the country by November 12. The chemicals are repacked and loaded by a group of 8 National Army servicemembers.

LTC Mariana Grama specified that the chemicals evacuation process is part of the final stage of NATO/PfP project on the disposal of pesticides and other chemicals from the Republic of Moldova, that started on July 9. Within this project, about 1270 tons of pesticides from our country will be transported to Poland and destroyed.

The final stage of the project, carried out through NATO/PfP Trust Fund, is estimated at nearly 2,2 mld euros, including 325 thousand euros provided by our country and money donated by Romania — the pilot state of the project — Belgium, Norway, Ireland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Bulgaria, Luxemburg and Lithuania.

Mariana Grama pointed out that, this year, 170 tons of pesticides will be evacuated from Republic of Moldova, that will be further destroyed in Germany.

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