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Defense Minister Meets with Parents of Soldiers who Died in Military Units (Video)

Chisinau, November 13, 2013 – Defense Minister Vitalie Marinuta met today with the parents of soldiers that died in the National Army over the last few years for various reasons. The meeting brought together the head of Association “Mamele Ostasilor”, Lilia Creciun, representatives of Military Prosecutor’s Office and other structures in charge of the social protection of personnel.

“The goal of this meeting is not to justify ourselves. The death of a military is an irretrievable tragedy for us, as it is for the grieved family. We decided to meet with you to find out the problems you face and think over how to solve them, no matter the area. We also urge you to actively participate in our educational activities of young soldiers, in order to prevent similar accidents in the future. I don’t say that there are no problems in the army.We know them and we work on their solution, but we need your support too”, Minister Marinuta specified.

Referring to the latest events conducted by some politic forces against the army in general, and leadership of military institution in particular, Vitalie Marinuta said that their goal is a political one, directed against state institutions and destabilization of the situation in the country on the eve of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius. “Their goal is not to help you or share your grief, but to take advantage politically on the tragedy", Vitalie Marinuta stated.

Parents, who attended the meeting, asked the Defense Minister and other decision-making factors from the army different questions related to the problems they face. For example, Family Usurelu expressed their resentment outrage both on the ignorance of the doctor from Balti while preparing the papers on the soldier’s death, as well as the delay of the examination of the case by the court. The Military Prosecutor’s Representative informed Family Copusciu of the measures taken at the moment when the tragedy happened and the fact that all the survey results will be presented upon the completion of investigations.

At the same time, both, parents and the head of Association “Mamele Ostasilor”, Lilia Creciun, emphasized that in their opinion, most of the tragic incidents take place because young people have a low level of training before enlistment. "Military training should be mandatory in every school, because it is impossible to change a child in all aspects, especially the moral-psychological one, in one year of service", Lilia Creciun emphasized.

Vitalie Marinuta informed the parents that the Defense Ministry works on a program of military- patriotic education of young generations both, in schools and other educational centers of the country. Simultaneously, Defense Minister introduced Deputy Minister Ana Vasilachi, who will be the contact person in their communication with the military institution.


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