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National Army Soldiers Take Military Oath

Chisinau, December 6, 2013 — About 500 young soldiers, graduates of the Course of Basic Military Training, took the military oath today within ceremonies held in Moldova Brigade, Balti, and Dacia Brigade, Cahul.

In Balti, The Chief of Main Staff, National Army Commander, Col. Igor Gorgan,congratulated the 234 young soldiers on the most important moment in their military life. The Military Oath is a duty of allegiance to the country. You have 11 months of military service ahead and you will definitely need high physical, psychic and intellectual capabilities. I wish you to carry out your missions with honor, to respect the military discipline and to be proud of wearing the military uniform“, the Commander of the National Army said.

In Brigade “Dacia” from Cahul, about 289 soldiers took the military oath, in front of Commander of Land Force Command, Col. Viorel Placinta. The official assured the young soldiers that, during their service, they will be trained on military training sites, will participate at national exercises. These activities will train them to get professional achievements in the future.

At the end of the ceremony, after the soldiers’ march, the servicemembers from the Guard Battalion demonstrated weapon handling exercises. The guests of the event were familiarized with the soldiers’ living conditions and technical equipment of the brigades.

After the event, the soldiers got three days of holiday. Then, they will be sent to all the National Army units.

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