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Moldovan Servicemembers Start Military Training in Hohenfels

CHISINAU, December 6, 2013 — The National Army troops deployed to Hohenfels Military Training Ground, Germany, started training within the multinational training exercise for the Military Advisory Team (MAT) and Police Advisory Team “14-01B MAT/PAT6”.

According to LTC Boris Macovei, commander of the Moldovan contingent, our servicemembers started the first stage of the exercise, within which they are training for practical missions. At this stage, the Moldovan servicemembers are trained for driving missions and fighting against improvised explosive devices.

The quoted source specified that during the training process, instructors pay attention to the counter-terrorism training. Thus, the Moldovan contingent get familiar with the methods and procedures used by different terrorist structures and study their neutralization methods.

LTC Macovei added that in the following days, the National Army troops will train at different simulating machines and will attend first aid and battlefield evacuation meetings.

The second stage of the exercise will include a joint field and staff exercise carried out in partnering with troops from 12 countries, including Bulgaria, Poland, Norway, USA, Ukraine, Macedonia, Afghanistan and Albania.

The National Army deployed 80 professional soldiers of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion and “Fulger” Special Forces Battalion to Hohenfels. The exercise “14-01B MAT/ PAT6” is conducted by the US Army in Europe.

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