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Mission Complete for National Army Servicemembers in Hohenfels

Chisinau, December 20, 2013 — The National Army troops which participated within the multinational training exercise for the Military Advisory Team (MAT) and Police Advisory Team “14-01B MAT/PAT6”, held at Hohenfels Military Training Ground, Germany, are back to Republic of Moldova.

According to Commander of the Moldovan contingent, LTC Boris Macovei, our servicemembers, in partnering with troops from Bulgaria, Poland, Norway, USA, Ukraine, Macedonia, Afghanistan and Albania carried out humanitarian aid convoy escort missions, checkpoint control operations, peacekeeping tasks, missions on fighting terrorist structures.

“During the training process, our servicemembers performed security recovery actions, maintained order and carried out peacekeeping missions in conflict-affected areas. At the same time, the National Army personnel participated at different readiness training missions for different post-conflict situations, order and infrastructure recovery in the affected area”, LTC Macovei stated.

The Chief of the Military Training Center from Hohenfels, Col. John Norris, appreciated positively the professional level of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion and Fulger Special Forces Battalion, and awarded them a certificate of appreciation.

“The Moldovan servicemembers’ efforts within the applications are an example to follow for their colleagues from other troops, in term of operational capabilities, interoperability and peacekeeping training missions”, Col. Norris mentioned at the exercise closing ceremony.

The “14-01B MAT/PAT6” exercise, held within December 2-19, was conducted by the US Army in Europe. The event aims at evaluating the units readiness for the troop rotation within international peacekeeping missions.

The National Army deployed 80 professional servicemembers of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion and Fulger Special Forces Battalion at Hohenfels exercise.

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