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Moldovan Soldiers Train in Hohenfels

Hohenfels, Germany, February 4, 2014 — The National Army contingent, deployed to “Mission Readiness Exercise” (MRE), in Germany, carries out practical missions, along with troops from USA, Georgia and Croatia.

Commander of the Moldovan contingent, Maj. Igor Antoci, stated that, at this stage, the Moldovan soldiers will carry out patrol, escort, transportation, support, guard and staff planning missions in the field throughout three weeks. “The following days, 25 servicemembers from Special Forces Battalion ‘Fulger’ will carry out shoot house missions to capture very important people”, Maj. Antoci pointed out.

The quoted source specified that, at the very beginning, Moldovan servicemembers practiced target shooting and trained at different simulators to develop abilities of staff evacuation from the damaged cars on the battlefield.

“Mission Readiness Exercise”, held within January 25 — February 26, is conducted by the European Command of the US Marine Corps and aims at evaluating the readiness for the rotation of troops within international missions.

The National Army deployed 75 servicemembers from Special Forces Battalion “Fulger” and the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion to this exercise.

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