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Military Departments’ Activity, Examined by National Army Leadership

Chisinau, February 11, 2014 — The military departments’ activity considerably improved last year thanks to the joint efforts of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, National Army Main Staff and institutions of higher education of the country, Defense Minister, Vitalie Marinuta, stated within summing-up meeting of the military departments’ activity for the year of 2013.

The Defense Minister said that a powerful army can carry out missions only with well-trained staff, and its quality depends on the training level within military departments of educational institutions. “The Ministry of Defense will provide all the necessary assistance to the educational structures both, by providing expertise and through training on military training grounds”, Vitalie Marinuta noted.

According to the report presented by Head of Personnel Division, Col Eduard Ohladciuc, the National Army Main Staff monitored and evaluated the military departments’ activity, in the second half of 2013, and concluded that the quality of training is much higher as compared to the previous years. Moreover, the teaching staff was open to all the military experts’ recommendations.

The representatives of the Ministry of Defense and National Army Main Staff, along with the heads of military departments, decided to continue, in 2014, the improvement of the educational process in compliance with the defense institution’s rules.

Republic of Moldova currently has 13 military departments in civilian educational institutions, training students in two three-month stages each. At the first stage, graduates are conferred the rank of “reserve sergeant”, while at the second stage they become “reserve lieutenants”. In 2013, 7 000 students completed the military training course.

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