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Awards for Afghan War Veterans

Chisinau, February 13, 2014 — Ministry of Defense conducted today a ceremony dedicated to the 25th anniversary since the withdrawal of soviet troops from Afghanistan. The event, that was held at the Center of Military History and Culture, was attended by active-duty and retired servicemembers, that participated at Afghan War.

Minister of Defense, Vitalie Marinuta, stated that both, for the National Army servicemembers and for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, war veterans always served as an example of courage and sacrifice. “It is our duty to honor the memory of the 300 Moldovans fallen in Afghanistan, to commemorate them and to tell about their sacrifice to the young generation, that learns about this war from textbooks of History”, Vitalie Marinuta said.

Defense Minister pointed out that it is important not to forget the soldiers who fought in that war, returned home and had a significant contribution to the development of the National Army. “They are an example for soldiers of today and yesterday. From them we learn what the oath to the country means ”, Minister Marinuta added.

The Minister of Defense awarded a group of war veterans with Service to Fatherland Medal, 2nd and 3rd class. At the same time, some veterans, retired servicemembers of the National Army, were conferred ranks and diplomas.

According to the Head of Personnel Division, Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, there are currently 25 Afghan war veterans in the National Army, including 24 public servants and an active-duty.

Within February 14-15, National Army servicemembers will attend the commemoration events of the heroes fallen in Afghanistan War, that will be held throughout the country.

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