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Ministry of Defense Disclaims Rumors about NATO Flights in Republic of Moldova’s Airspace

Chisinau, March 14, 2014 — Concerning the information released by the national mass- media on the flight of some NATO fighter jets in the airspace of the Republic of Moldova, the Ministry of Defense informs:

The Republic of Moldova’s airspace may be used only with the approval of specialized state institutions, in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

The air traffic is controlled 24/7, with the help of the radar locators of the Ministry of Defense and of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Furthermore, according to the agreements concluded with the neighboring states, the Ministry of Defense can regularly exchange information on all the aircrafts flying in our country’s airspace.

The specialised authorities of the neighboring states have not announced about unauthorized flights. Neither did the authorities from Transnistria.

According to Law No.143 as of 21.06.2012 on airspace control, the permission to use the airspace of the Republic of Moldova for foreign state (military) aircrafts is, usually, given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European integration, with the approval of the Ministry of Defense.

It should be mentioned that in springtime, about 1100 civil aircrafts fly in the airspace of Republic of Moldova, according to their flight itinerary. Most of them fly over Chisinau, at a height of up to 40,000 feet and can be seen with the naked eye by following the condensation trails formed behind aircrafts.

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