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National Army Servicemembers attend Commemoration March in Cosnita

Chisinau, March 14, 2014 — The leadership of the Ministry of Defense and Main Staff of the National Army commemorated the heroes fallen in the battle for independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova, within a ceremony held in Cosnita, Dubasari.

The event, conducted by the local public authorities, marked the 22nd anniversary of the battle from Cosnita and brought together National Army servicemembers, officials, combatants, policemen, pupils and citizens of Cosnita village. First, the participants laid flowers at the battle place. Then, the participants marched to the monument of heroes fallen for the integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova, where they attended a meeting.

According to Interim Minister of Defense, Igor Panfile, for the military and civil staff of the National Army, Dniester war veterans are an example of courage, commitment and integrity. “For us, defenders of the statehood of the Republic of Moldova, you are an example to follow. We thank you and wait for you to come to military units to speak to the soldiers about the independence battle!”, Igor Panfile said.

At the same time, a meal of remembrance was organized for the participants.

Cosnita battle, considered as one of the most violent armed conflicts, stared in the night of March 13 to 14, 1992, when the village was attacked by the separatist forces.

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