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International Experts Evaluate Defense and Security Area

Chisinau, April 2, 2014 — A group of international experts evaluate, within April 2-4, the the achievements of the Republic of Moldova within the Partnership for Peace Planning and Review Process (PARP).

According to Chief of Defense Policy and Planning Directorate, Vladimir Ababii, the experts will analyze the contribution of Republic of Moldova to PARP and the progress in the implementation of partnership goals.

The PARP work sessions brought together experts of the Ministry of Defense and the Main Staff of the National Army, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Internal Affairs (Border Police, Carabineer Troops), as well as Security Intelligence Service.

Republic of Moldova joined PARP in 1997, assuming goals related to National Army’s activity. In 2003, representatives of government institutions working in the national security and defense area joined PARP sessions.

PARP evaluation is carried out every year, in cooperation with PARP experts, by each partner country.

The cooperation within the Partnership allows NATO countries and its partners to apply their experience to assess their political, military and economic factors, that can affect PARP process, as well as the development of the forces capability within Partnership for Peace (PfP).

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