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Ministry of Defense and OSCE Informs People On Danger of Unexploded Ordnance

Chisinau, April 11, 2014 — The Ministry of Defense and OSCE Mission in Republic of Moldova launched on Friday, April 11, the second stage of the public awareness campaign on the danger of unexploded remnants of war in Republic of Moldova. The project includes a video spot, made by the two institutions, that will be broadcasted on all national TV channels, and some classes, conducted in schools by the National Army mobile teams, on how to behave in case of discovering an unexploded ordnance.

Deputy Minister of Defense, Ana Vasilachi, stated, within the ceremony, that the military security represents the primary responsibility of the National Army and it is carried out daily by the officers and non-commissioned officers in various missions, including ammunition disposal operations. “Unfortunately, the danger of unexploded ammunition is still there and currently, mostly children are affected. We hope that, through this campaign, we will enhance security of civilian people.

According to Head of OSCE Mission to Republic of Moldova, Jennifer Brush, everywhere in the world, there are casualties among children and civilian populations, because of handling ammunition without underestimating the risks or not being aware of all the danger. “Although the risk is not extremely high in Moldova, thank goodness, the risk is still here”, Jennifer Brush specified.

The Ministry of Defense and OSCE Mission to Moldova launched, in November 2011, a public awareness campaign on the danger of unexploded remnants of war. In the first stage, the two institutions have distributed leaflets to the local public authorities, responsible for education, and commanders of the military territorial centers. According to the project, there have been printed out 20,000 leaflets and 3,000 posters in Romanian and Russian, with a budget of 15,600 MDL, support provided by the OSCE mission.

Between 1992 — 2012, 21 people died and 26 were injured, because of explosion of various ammunition. Of the total number of victims, the unexploded ordnance killed seven children wounded three.

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