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National Army Main Staff – 22 Years of Performance

Chisinau, April 24, 2014 — The National Army Main Staff celebrated 22nd anniversary within a ceremony held at the Ministry of Defense. The event was attended by Gen. Ion Coropcean, Iurie Dominic, Vitalie Stoian and Col. Vladimir Dontu, former leaders of the Main Staff.

Defense Minister, Valeriu Troenco, congratulated the military and civil staff on the anniversary and awarded medals and diplomas.

Valeriu Troenco stated that, soldiers that served in the Main Staff have been always appreciated for good professional skills, successful participation in national and international exercises and contribution to building a positive image of the National Army, in our society and in the world.

“Let us remember the first officers to participate as observers in international missions, contingents participating in Iraq post-conflict relief operations and Peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, the first multinational exercises hosted by Republic of Moldova such as ‘Lancer-Longbow’, the start of the defense reform, the military parades and the support provided by our troops to the civilians affected by floods and landslide. All these activities are the achievements of the Main Staff”, Valeriu Troenco said.

Prime-Minister’s advisor, Retired Maj. Gen. Ion Coropcean, specified that the Main Staff is in charge of the development and training of the National Army staff according to the current standards, so that it becomes a guarantee of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. “Today, the military system requires new approaches, thinking and implementation procedures. I trust your potential, preparedness and capacity and I am sure that the Main Staff and the National Army tasks will be successfully fulfilled”, Ion Coropcean mentioned.

The Chief of the Main Staff, Commander of the National Army, Col. Igor Gorgan, stated that the measures taken to reinforce the efforts of all the divisions of the Ministry of Defense and Main Staff, National Army Commands and military units would definitely raise the combat readiness and develop all the necessary capabilities for the missions supported by the national legislation.

The National Army Main Staff is the troops military command and planning structure, established on April 24, 1992, in compliance with the Republic of Moldova Government Decision as of March 25, 1992.

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