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Anti-Air Missile Regiment Marks 22nd Anniversary

Chisinau, May 15, 2014 — The independence and sovereignty of our country are related to the air space integrity of the Republic of Moldova. As a veteran of the regiment, I appreciate the efforts of the military and civil staff in carrying out the established missions by the state leadership. Prime-Minister’s advisor, retired Maj.Gen. Ion Coropcean, former commander of the Anti-air Missile Regiment “Dimitrie Cantemir” of the National Army stated, within the 22nd anniversary ceremony of the military unit.

Defense Minister, Valeriu Troenco, congratulated the regiment staff and decorated the best servicemembers with the medals “Service to Fatherland”, the medal “For outstanding service in the National Army”, “Distinguished Service” Cross and the Honors Servicemember Insignia

Minister Troenco stated that, throughout over two decades, the regiment staff demonstrated high combat readiness and professionalism, as well as courage in facing all duty’s challenges. “The exercises you have recently participated in proved that the units servicemembers are able to fulfill their constitutional duties”, Minister Troenco said.

The Chief of Main Staff, National Army Commander, Col. Igor Gorgan, expressed his confidence that the Anti-Air Missile unit staff will continue to improve their professional skills and be successful in their everyday service in order to fulfill the air space control mission of the Republic of Moldova.

At the end of the event, the National Army leadership and the guests visited the Air Operations Center and familiarized with the technical equipment of the unit.

The Anti-air Missile Regiment “Dimitrie Cantemir” was founded in May 1992 and has the mission to watch over and defend the Republic of Moldova’s air space.

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