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New Class of Officers in the Armed Forces (VIDEO)


Chisinau, June 28, 2014 — The graduates of Military Academy of the Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun” (MAAF) received today their diplomas and the rank of “Lieutenant” within a ceremony held on the square of the Metropolitan Cathedral “Nasterea Domnului”.

The event was attended by the first President of Republic of Moldova, Mircea Snegur, the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and Main Staff of the National Army, defense attachés in Republic of Moldova, as well as students and their relatives.

Mircea Snegur congratulated the MAAF graduates, pointing out the role of a servicemember in a modern and professional army. “In the army the officer is the key figure, on whose professionalism depends the readiness of the military staff, the moral- psychological climate in the military units, as well as the ability of the National Army to fulfill the tasks set by the Constitution. Dear graduates, you are the ones to continue the further reforms in the defense area”, the President of Republic of Moldova said.

Deputy Minister, Aurel Fondos, stated that the Armed Forces are being supplied with a new class of graduates, that are well-trained and dedicated to the Fatherland. “Officers, you have attended a school of discipline, manhood, fairness and professionalism. Soon, you will go to the units, to do the military service. I call you to never forget that the officer is not only a good leader and organizer, but also a person responsible for subordinate servicemembers’ life and health”, Aurel Fondos told the young lieutenants.

At the ceremony, five best graduates — Dumitru Munteanu ( infantry), Vitalie Dercaci (artillery), Valentin Ghetiu (communications), Andrian Volosin (border guards), Andrian Virlan (carabineers) received the “Honors Servicemembers Insignia”.

Class 2014 has 138 graduates that studied five specialties: infantry, artillery, communications, border guards, carabineers .77 of them will serve in National Army units, 37 — in the Border Guard Service and 24 — in Carabineer Troops.

Since 1992, the Military Academy prepared over 1500 officers for the Armed Forces.

Military Academy of the Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun” is a member of the Partnership for Peace Consortium, and it has two faculties: military science and public administration. The institution also has a center of defense and security strategic studies, a continuous training center and a Language Learning Center.

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