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Major Topics on Military Council Agenda

Chisinau, July 17, 2014 — The development of the National Army operational capabilities and the review of the 2015 budget draft project of the Ministry of Defense were the main issues discussed at the meeting of the Ministry’s of Defense Military Council. The event was attended by Prime-Minister’s advisor, Retired Maj. Gen. Ion Coropcean, and the representative of the Supreme Security Council, Ilie Cernenchi.

Defense Minister, Valeriu Troenco, stated that both topics are important for the successful fulfillment of the missions the defense institution established and need to be discussed with high responsibility.

According to the Chief of Main Staff, Commander of National Army, Col. Igor Gorgan, in the first half of this year, the army’s activity focused on the repair and renovation of the military vehicles and equipment of the operational forces, military staff training at the training centers of the National Army in driving combat vehicles, carrying out shooting and combat drills at a platoon, company and battalion level. These actions were meant to develop the capabilities of forces and command units to carry out their tasks. The agenda also included the issue of optimization of military units’ activity and international cooperation.

Speaking about the established objectives for the second half of the current year, Col. Gorgan specified that the necessary measures will be taken to keep preparing forces for countering possible threats, especially conducting and developing both conventional and unconventional fights.

The 2015 budget draft project of the Ministry of Defense was presented by the Head of Economical-Financial Directorate, Retired Col. Vitalie Bucatari, who said that the Ministry of Defense will establish a special saving system in all military unit.

The Head of Economical-Financial Directorate also stated that these measures will contribute to saving money allocated to the Ministry of Defense and optimizing the defense institution expenses.

The Military Council is the Ministry’s of Defense advisory board.

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