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Shooting Drills at Bulboaca (VIDEO)

Chisinau, August 8, 2014 — Over 500 servicemembers and conscripts from “Stefan cel Mare” Brigade, Anti-air Missile Regiment, the Artillery Unit and the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion carried out shooting drills on Thursday, August 7, at the Training Centre of the National Army.

According to Col. Iurie Bruma, Chief of Staff, Land Force Command, the goal of the event was to test the artillery systems and other types of ammunition like: 2A- 36 of 152mm caliber, 152 mm D-20, 2 S9 of 120 mm caliber, MT-12 of 100 mm caliber, anti-air systems ZU-23-2, AZP-57, as well as infantry weapons AG-7, AG-9 and military vehicles and equipment TAB, BMD, BTRD. Aso, the soldiers’ combat readiness skills were checked.

The quoted source specified that the servicemembers carried out missions at different training sites: first aid, obstacle race, hand-grenades throwing, NBC chemical protection, mine planting and battle order.

The shooting demostration was observed by Defense Minister Valeriu Troenco, Chief of Main Staff, National Army Commander, Col. Igor Gorgan, and the representatives of the Supreme Security Council.

The event was conducted in compliance with the combat readiness plan of the National Army.


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