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“Joint Effort 2014” Exercise Takes Place in Balti (Video)

Chisinau, October 5, 2014 — National Army servicemembers participated today at “Joint Effort 2014” tactical exercise carrying out shooting drills with antitank artillery systems. The event was held at the Training Centre of “Moldova” Brigade, Balti.

According to Commander of Brigade “Moldova”, Col. Veaceslav Rusu, the goal of the tactical exercises conducted according to the combat readiness plan of the National Army is the assessment of servicemembers’ and conscripts’ practical skills.

The quoted source specified that over 300 soldiers from Brigades “Moldova” and “Stefan cel Mare”, the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion and the Storehouse of military assets participated in the exercise. They fired such antitank artillery systems as: Concurs, Sturm and Fagot RATD launching systems.

Other types of weapons were also used in the exercise. They were as follows: MT-12 antitank gun, M-30 mortar ZU-23-2 anti-air artillery, as well as infantry weapons and TAB, BTRD, BRDM-2, GAZ, KAMAZ military vehicles.

The soldiers also carried out first aid, hand-grenades throwing, NBC chemical protection and battle order missions.

Defense Minister, Valeriu Troenco, appreciated the readiness of servicemembers involved in the tactical exercise “Joint Effort 2014” for they carried out their missions successfully.

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