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Parachuting Exercises in Marculesti


Chisinau, October 24, 2014 — The servicemembers of Special Forces Battalion “Fulger” carried out, within October 12-23, parachute jumps at Airbase “Decebal” from Marculesti.

According to LTC Sergiu Cirimpei, Commander of Special Forces Battalion “Fulger”, the servicemembers made free fall and static line parachute jumps using MC- 6 and MC-5 parachute systems. They carried out individual and group parachute jumps, with and without equipment, from an altitude of 1 312 to11 482 feet, in normal and unstable weather conditions.

The goal of the exercises, conducted according to the combat readiness plan of the National Army, was the assessment of knowledge of Special Forces Battalion servicemembers.

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