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International Experts Asses Integrity in Defense and Security Sector

Chisinau, October 24, 2014 — A group of NATO experts visited, during October 22-24, the Ministry of Defense, to assess the achievements of Republic of Moldova within NATO Program on strengthening integrity in security and defense sector (Building Integrity Initiative — BII).

The team of experts, run by Bénédicte Borel, Integration, Partnership and Cooperation Directorate, Political Affairs and Security Policy Division (PASP), NATO International Secretariat, met with representatives of the Parliamentary Commission for national security, defense and public order, Ministries of Defense and Internal Affairs, Court of Accounts, Security Intelligence Service and National Anti-corruption Center to analyze the Self Assessment Questionnaire filled in by the Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with other inline national institutions.

Bénédicte Borel said the group of experts would give Republic of Moldova some recommendations and observations to remove gaps discovered in the questionnaire. After that, an action plan will be developed to improve Moldova’s defense system by strengthening integrity.

Brigadier Gen. Ivan Caruso, Deputy Director Cooperation and Regional Security Division, International Military Staff (IMS), and Defense Minister’s advisor Iurie Dominic reviewed the aspects of Moldova-NATO cooperation, within the program on strengthening integrity in the security and defense sector. The officials also discussed the new NATO initiatives —Building Defense Capacities Initiative and Interoperability Platform, which Moldova has been accepted into, at the NATO Summit from September 4-5.

Building Integrity Initiative is a PARP/IPAP (Planning and Review Process/Individual Partnership Action Plan) partnership goal, aimed at providing practical assistance on fighting corruption in security and defense sector.

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