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Medals for Excellent Service Awarded at the End of the Year

CHISINAU, December 31, 2014 — Today, Minister of Defense Valeriu Troenco conferred military ranks and awarded National Army medals to a group of officers during a festive reunion celebrating the end of 2014.

Valeriu Troenco decorated about 30 service members with “Distinguished Service” and “For Strengthening the Brotherhood in Arms” medals, “Distinguished Service” Cross and “Cross of Merit”. The distinctions were offered for excellent results in combat training and service performances within training year 2014.

The Minister of Defense thanked the military and civil staff for commitment, involvement, and excellent service, specifying that it is an honor for him to lead a military institution of professionals who understand their roles and missions. “It was very important for me to work with an extraordinary team that understood and supported me. I am sure that all of you who participated in implementing the projects developed by the Ministry of Defense and the Main Staff will continue the work we started together”, said Valeriu Troenco.

Chief of Main Staff, National Army Commander, Brigadier Gen. Igor Gorgan, expressed his belief that in 2015 the National Army service members will maintain the common will of going forward with commitment in fulfilling the missions and with the hope for better days. “We will strengthen the cooperation with the armies of the EU and the USA, a cooperation which for the National Army means new possibilities for participating in international peacekeeping missions”, stated Brigadier Gen. Gorgan.

At the end of the event, the National Army military and civil staff welcomed the carol singers from “Doina Armatei” folk band and “Balada” ethno-folk band.

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